Data Protection



Your email address, home address and telephone number will be included on our list of patrons in order to run the Patron Scheme.  No information is ever passed to third parties.  We keep no other information on Patrons.


To purchase tickets via our website requires an email address to be given.  These email addresses are retained on the website after tickets have been purchased and used to notify those who have purchased tickets in the past that another concert is approaching.   No information is ever passed to third parties.


Those who have requested to be included on our mailing list are required to give us their email addresses and/or home addresses.  These are retained on the Wycombe Sinfonia hotmail account and the Wycombe Sinfonia address book.  No information is ever passed to third parties.


Your email address is kept among the Contacts in the Wycombe Sinfonia email account –  If you have communicated by phone or text with John or Lydia then your telephone number is stored in the Contacts on their mobile phones.  If you have given John or Lydia your home address at any time it will have been included in the Wycombe Sinfonia address book.  We keep no other information on players. 


The Treasurer keeps records of your name and postal address if you have made a Gift Aid declaration. This information is required by HMRC when Gift Aid claims are made. You can withdraw a Gift Aid declaration at any time by notifying the Treasurer who will then destroy the record.

The Treasurer keeps a record of subscriptions paid as a simple tick-list of names and amounts. Your name may also appear in bank statements if you pay by bank transfer, or in paying-in books if payment is made by cheque.

NB  Computers used by Wycombe Sinfonia are password protected.